Shipping and return policies for Jakarta Records

Shipping Info
***Please be aware, that due to the COVID-19, shipping time may take longer than usually****

**please be aware we'll only sell customary amounts. If you wanna order for your shop please contact:**

For shipments to non-EU countries additional customs charges, taxes and fees might incur.

Information regarding customs duties at
Information regarding import turnover tax at
Information especially for Switzerland at
Return Policy
Cost bearing agreement in the event of cancellation:
If the right of cancellation is exerted, it is agreed that the customer shall bear the regular costs of the return delivery if the delivered products correspond to the ordered ones.

Acceptance of the delivery:
The customer should not accept packages that are visibly damaged on the outside without registering a complaint. When accepting the delivery, the customer must therefore ensure that the delivered package is not damaged on the outside. If the package is visibly damaged and therefore damage to its contents is obvious, the customer must show this to the delivery agent and let the delivery agent make a suitable note and should retain a copy of this note.

No delivery:
In some rare cases the parcel cannot be delivered because the delivery personnel was unable to deliver the package due to poor labeling of the recipient’s residence or place of business or due to your absence. In these cases it may happen that the shipment is returned to us. If we do not hear from you in such case, after receiving and processing the return shipment, we will keep the shipment for you until further notice.
If you contact us before we receive the return shipment back, we will be happy to ship the goods to you one more time without charge, if desired. But not more than one more time.